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  •  I do equate all civil rights movements (0+ / 0-)

    I was a young teen in the sixties, but even before that movement gained steam across the country, I had been raised to treat all people equally, so I cannot imagine treating someone of another race any differently in any way. (Gay people were not discussed in my parents' home one way or the other, but I heard about (supposed) prohibitions against them in church and Catholic school. Not having reached puberty yet at that time, those meant little to me personally, tho I understood what was said.

    And perhaps I fail to understand the message that white churches were giving to their congregations at the time. (Messages I never personally heard.)

    My attempt to understand the fearfully religious in this case stems from those messages I personally heard in churches to which I was subjected as a child. And my motivation for asking about another communication technique stems from trying to find another effective way to make needed change.

    Of course if you want to provide crappy service to a customer that's totally your choice as a business.   Just don't be surprised when that decision bites you in the ass with the rest of your customer base.
    As well it should.

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