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View Diary: Nobody Is Going To Go To War With Russia (214 comments)

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  •  If the United States (8+ / 0-)

    is serious about economic sanctions then they should just suspend all visas and don't allow US companies to do business with Russia.  I work at a State University and there are a lot of Russian groups that come and do residencies or week long programs (which I am sure is duplicated in Universities around the US) ... just turn all that off.  Immediately.  All EU countries should follow suit.   It might not sound like much but you need to put pressure on Putin from the inside.  Business people and young people from Russia (from anecdotal evidence) have an inferiority complex and denying them their ability to advance their global careers that they expect and have worked for, will cause an internal conflict that Putin will not see coming.

    •  Many US companies like Ford, GM and Exxon (7+ / 0-)

      would take a hit. Ford has been closing plants in the EU and opening them in Russia. Russia is Europe's 2nd largest market for cars and Ford expects them to become the largest by 2015.

      GM has 10% of the Russian market.

      Exon is not going to back away from it's 500 billion stake in fracking the huge Siberian shale oil discoveries.

      American banks have tens of billions invested all over Russia.

      Multinational global corporations no longer fly national flags. They are richer and more powerful than many states. We all know how much control they have over the American government and it's foreign policy.

    •  Then the Russians will reciprocate (1+ / 0-)
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      Maybe they'll leave US astronauts up in the Space Station without a ride home, or refuse to take anymore science projects and satellites up.  Since we no longer have a Space Shuttle.

      And I'm sure the EU will appreciate not receiving anymore gas from Russia.  Isn't it about 40% of their supply?

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