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View Diary: Media, GOP forget Bush's feeble response to Russia-Georgia conflict (13 comments)

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    Louisiana 1976

    I am a strong supporter of Obama, but whether we like it or not, there is a narrative that Obama can be pushed around by his adversaries because he is conflict averse. Obama took the first step in mitigating this perception by standing firm last October against Republican demands that the ACA be repealed or else they would impose economic catastrophe by defaulting on the nation's debts. The result was that the Republicans backed down on their demands last month. However, this perception that Obama can be bullied still persists in the foreign policy arena.

    Obama has to start making decisions on how to deal with Putin. He has to understand how authoritarian conservatives like GOP lawmakers, Assad, and Putin think. These leaders follow Machiavellian principles and Obama and (progressives in general have to learn this fact). If I were Obama, I would order US warships in the Black Sea to escort Ukranian naval ships. I would also order that the US airlift food and other supplies to Ukranian troops trapped in their Crimean bases. This is what JFK would have done.

    I would suggest liberals to read the book "The Republican Brain. The Science of why the Deny Science" We all know that Conservatives deny science. This is the Democratic advantage. However, the Republican advantage is that they understand and predict human behavior better than liberals, do. This is because liberals believe in the Age of Enlightment. Unfortunately, human thinking patterns to not follow the principles of the Age of Enlightnment.

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