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View Diary: Seriously, Florida. WTF? (283 comments)

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  •  Yep (8+ / 0-)

    Given some other states actions - Hawaii offering to buy the poor and homeless a plane ticket anywhere else, other states legislatures banning the feeding of homeless etc - they are striving to put the poor off on any other state.  What we need to do is have MANDATORY JAIL TIME for the governors and legislators who do not comply with Federal policies.

    •  YEP ... Mandatory Jail Time (3+ / 0-)

      I don't see what incarcerating Govs and other legislators not complying with Fed policies will accomplish. (Then again, I'm something of a dimwit, dullard and dolt.)

      Instead, perhaps Florida could incarcerate anyone attempting to sneak in a 7th ER visit. Heck, let's incarcerate all Floridians falling below the Fed poverty level ... at least that would accomplish something. It would ensure the working poor, those unable to secure six-figure incomes and other undesirables have a roof over their heads, three squares and 24/7 access to prison health care services. And is sure would be a boon to the burgeoning private, for-profit prison industry.

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