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    Really if the Democrats don't get out there and fight back then we need to lose.  The Dems need to rise up go door to door make sure people are registered to vote and then do whatever it takes to make sure they get out and vote, even if it means forming car pools to get them to the polls.  We fell short in the 2010 election because of a low turn out we did this to ourselves.  It really don't matter how much money the Kock brothers throw into the game we all know the Republican's agenda and we all know we don't want them in office.  We all know they don't care two cents about us.  So we have no choice but to get out the vote.  Election day is the one day that the people have the power to make a difference.  
    We just have to make sure we use that power.  People power will trump all the negative ads, and any type of money.  The election and the state of our nation rest in our hands.  We dems have to come together from state to state and do whatever it takes to get out and vote.  It is the only way we can fight back.

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