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  •  Yup, all those people who were against it (0+ / 0-)

    ran right out and signed up unless their states found a way to stop them.  Most have by now discovered that they are somewhat better off, which was the promise and is the reality.  What's left are those people like you who believe if they just keep telling the lie nobody will find out it's a lie.  Even in my red state of Idaho, the second largest number or signers rushed right out and got that terrible old Obamacare and ... wow, their medical care is improving and they can afford what they signed up for and get help when they can't.  God, it's just awful to watch this.  Don't they know they're being fooled.

    Ok, I'm done humoring you.  Get over yourself, your sad old song is over.  Nobody is listening so SHUT UP already.

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