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  •  this has nothing to do with 'people who are able (1+ / 0-)
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    to work ' getting medicaid.
    your 'obama stole the money from Medicare'  meme was already discredited  last year. Take a look at the bigger picture. When the whole system is strengthened, everybody benefits. improved coverage and savings in the whole system  benefit medicare recipients  as well as everyone.
    secondly expanded medicaid has nothing to do with disability or eligibility for work. many who qualify for expanded medicaid ARE working and and are self employed. it has to do with an income level, 133% of poverty or less, and that encompasses all srts of people . the GOP depends on everyne believeing that people in this income  group are deadbeats and leeches. THEY ARE NOT. and no matter what their situation the SHOULD NOT BE DENIED MEDICAL CARE. what kind of heartless bastards think like that?
    the ACA is making it possible for people to get reasonable access to heath care. if we just  do this  we will have a healthier populace and a more efficient sytem. sounds like you are falling for the greedy 'i've got mine, now they are taking it to give to someone else'  warfare the GOP LOVES. the seniors battling the  lower and middle class. great?

    sounds to me like GOP states are refusing to let the ACA work then crying about it NOT working. i suggest YOU quit crying over a pack of lies

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