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  •  since you posted this twice (0+ / 0-)

    i will respond twice. being eligible for medicaid has NOTHING to do with responsibility or accountability
    first of all, what an egotist, claiming that you are supporting everyone else and that anyone who qualifies for medicaid  does nothing but reproduce and swipe ebt cards. yea, really, and you are the second coming yourself?  right.

     people eligible for medicaid work, are self employed, are disabled, are veterans..the only thing that unites all of their stories is that they make 133% or less of poverty level in income. that includes a LOT of people.
    further more, this is about the whole system, and the fact that the ACA will SAVE money, so , even though it must pain your egotistical ass, if everybody can get reasonable healthcare, it will LOWER your taxes.

    now why don't you jump on the giant companies who pay zero dollars in taxes, instead of making yourself feel like king by slamming regular people.

    you've swallowed the limbaugh BS hook, line and sinker. take a good look in the mirror, jerk.

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