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View Diary: The Antarctic Half of the Global Thermohaline Circulation is Collapsing (215 comments)

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  •  Carbon-negative algal bio-fuels R&D by Algae (0+ / 0-)

    Systems funded by US Navy need between 8 and 13 years more work to get close enough to cost-competitive with petroleum to make subsidizing our too big to fail fossil fuel firms to mass produce them worthwhile.   I figure social cost of carbon is now double $35/metric ton of CO2eq assumed in Pres. Obama's estimate, since doubling of estimate of earth's climate's sensitivity to CO2eq in article in Nature 12/31/13.  We need high excise taxes on both emissions and energy for both prohibitive tariff effect and for revenue, and revenue needs to be split between buying equipment to harness renewable energy and buying fossil fuel even faster than just making utilities pay fossil fuel firms what would otherwise be depreciation on equipment for fossil fuel displaced by renewable energy.  Once we get fossil fuel firms mass producing algal bio-fuels, they will be a better product than fossil fuels for transportation and for what we now use natural gas for.  By time we are able to justify subsidizing fossil fuel firms to mass produce algal bio-fuels, we will need to have at least made a good start or wind, solar, and enhanced geothermal systems for electricity.

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