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View Diary: Open thread for night owls: What the neoconservative hangers-on want from Ukraine crisis (152 comments)

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  •  Expect to hear more stuff like that MB. (7+ / 0-)

    But more broadly, the case to be made that events like this are exactly why we need to double Defense spending and make the national security state even more sprawling and unmanageable. So that we 'send a message' to everybody in the world that we are a bunch of big shots who can and will get involved in everything, everywhere. No matter how much it costs us. No matter if we have any idea of the repercussions.

    I know folks take offense at my rather blunt, but consistent, belief in limiting American foreign policy to one based on a clear, hardheaded reading of what American interests are. It is this view, free of hubris, moralizing, and flag waving that fuels my distaste for getting involved in unnecessary conflicts. Especially ones, like Ukraine, where outcomes are unpredictable and risks are substantial.

    'Fuck those people' might be the wrong way to put it. But the spirit of the matter is the same: We simply can't keep believing that we must keep going around the globe getting involved in other people's disputes.

    •  I like that idea, but it's unAmerican (0+ / 0-)

      I believe the country you seek is Sweden, or maybe Finland or Norway.  One of those countries that has managed to stay out of the fray.

      We don't have that choice. This is the USA, the superpower that has to buy it's friends, and maintain relationships with as many allies as possible because we allow just anybody with a good story and plenty of money to run our country.

      So, back to reality, choosing not to play is not an option. We must play the cards we are dealt,

      •  We live in a dangerous world. (8+ / 0-)

        Enemies are out there, lurking, waiting to invade and destroy our way of life and all that we hold dear. That is why America must be strong, powerful enough to defeat as many enemies as possible, simultaneously. So that we can defeat the enemies of freedom, democracy, and human rights. We must fight them over there before we have to fight them over here. Today, sure...just the Crimea. But tomorrow, Nebraska. Then what? It'll be too late.

        The time has come for America to stand up to everyone in the entire world. Putin and anybody else. We need to send a message to the world that we're America and we're ready for a fight. We will defend human freedom everywhere in the world, anywhere it is threatened, at any cost, no matter what.

        That's how neocons and their sycophants think. It has a robusty, wide stancy ring to it. its excitingy and boldy.

        •  Swell idea (0+ / 0-)

          Or, we can all be Bush-apologists, make peace signs, hold hands, sing kumbya, and ignore the world, hoping it will go away.

          It probably will go away, and take us with it. Iran should have it's first Nuke ready about now, and they're aligned with Putin.  Then there's Syria, who holds the world's greatest cache of chemical weapons. Russia has the greatest number of nuclear warheads, and with his incursion of Crimea, he can build a bridge from Russia to his seaport on the Black Sea, while taking over the two Ukrainian bases for his own military buildup.  

          That Russian seaport in Syria will be handy, there on the Mediterranean Coast, and only Turkey is in the way. Turkey will certainly surrender when the time comes, due to the total lack of credibility the USA will have by then, not supporting their allies or honoring treaties.

          Yeah, that'll work out swell!

      •  Let's tune up the Panzers. On to Stalingrad!!! (0+ / 0-)

        Crush the Slavic Menace.  More Lebensraum for 'Murcan Free Markets!

        Hell, screw the Panzers.  It's cold in Russia in the wintertime.  Let's nuke 'em.

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