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View Diary: Paul Ryan generates report to disprove effectiveness of Progressive Poverty Programs and - FAILS! (62 comments)

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  •  I don't know what I did... (1+ / 0-)
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    ... to earn this, but I must have honked God off royally: I left the state that has Steve King and moved to the state that has Paul Ryan.

    Paul Ryan is a rich jerk who has never had a real job. He's been in Congress, trying to prevent progress for the working class, since he was but a tad. He is married to a big-money lobbyist. He has so obscenely much money that he "forgot" about an annual $60,000 of it for years in a row and didn't pay income taxes on it.

    Guess what the median household income is in this state.

    For those who actually still have jobs, it's $52,627.

    And he who can afford to "forget" $60,000 a year wants to cut benefits for those who have never seen $60,000 a year. And he can say with a straight face that it's for their own good.

    P.S. To God:

    Whatever it was, I apologize. Please don't send me to Texas!

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