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  •  What Mr. Robinson fails to consider is that for (11+ / 0-)

    too many good people, Eye-rack was a noble, righteous, and NECESSARY war, with only candy-ass libtard Amurrika(TM)-haters and the FRENCH saying otherwise. Cheese-eating surrender monkeys! Ha, ha, ha! Excuse me a sec while I bust my gut rolling on the floor, laughing!

    One man's naked aggression is another man's "He tried to kill my dad" (BTW, I can't believe W said that, since I've always felt he wanted to show the hated Poppy once and for all whose was bigger.)

    •  problem is that bare chested, two fisted, chest (4+ / 0-)

      pounding exceptionalism ain't what it used to be here in the USA.  At one time, we could assert the Monroe Doctrine in preventing the USSR from installing missiles in Cuba while,  at the same time, assiduously working to overthrow various governments we viewed as socialist around the world.  While I still see traces of such a worldview, as evidenced in a recent article extolling the bravery and fortitude of the embattled buffalo hunters at the Battle of Adobe Walls and Custer's great victory at the Battle of the Washita, it seems that the necessary myopic hypocrisy just is not as present as it was in the preceding decade  

    •  No, Eugene didn't fail to consider that... (1+ / 0-)
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      Spirit of Life

      [quote] does the rhetoric about the crisis in Ukraine sound as if all of Washington is suffering from amnesia? We’re supposed to be shocked — shocked! — that a great military power would cook up a pretext to invade a smaller, weaker nation? I’m sorry, but has everyone forgotten the unfortunate events in Iraq a few years ago?[/quote]

      Robinson's whole point is that the arrogantly blundering chest-thumpers are severely lacking insight into how disastrously counterproductive their Iraq adventure was, not just in tangibly direct ways, but in far-reaching indirect ways ways as well.  When everyone else has seen you shit in the well you're imploring them to drink pure water from, you shouln't be surprised when you have a harder time getting traction complaining about someone else contaminating the water supply.

      •  Oh, I got it. I just fear exceedingly that the (0+ / 0-)

        same public, slavering for revenge after 9/11, will fall for it all over again. I hope Eugene is right--oh, Lordy, do I hope he's right--but we'll have to see.

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