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View Diary: Greenwald's Biting Analysis of US and Russian Media (431 comments)

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  •  I'd be careful even with that much. (2+ / 0-)
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    Lawrence, indie17

    I'm not sure what the point was if not to bolster her credibility or RT's credibility.  "Shining example of truth to power" was hyperbole, sure.

    I think someone else commented something to this effect, but I liken it to if Bill O'Reilly suddenly gave the president credit for something (which he has a couple of times, and got accused of being an apologist for doing so).  Wouldn't change his or Fox News' overall motive.

    I would be wary that it's window dressing to say "See?  We're not pro-Kremlin ALL the time."

    •  You mean like (2+ / 0-)
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      his panic, divineorder

      MSNBC does for Corporate Television News in the United States in general?

      I would be wary that it's window dressing to say "See?  We're not pro-Kremlin ALL the time."

      It in no way changes the intent to propagandize and lie as a general rule, regardless of the outlet it's coming from. Isn't that the point overall of Greenwald's article? Our media does the same kind of shit in this country, yet we point at others and screech "because Mother Russia BAD!" because they have propaganda on their teevees.

      Oh, heaven forfend that Glenn Greenwald has the gall to point that out! I should remind you, Russia has been using propaganda a lot longer than the US has. And at this point in time, we still do lots of things better than they do, so it stands to reason that OUR propaganda is far, far worse and harmful to human beings' minds.

      This all started with "what the Republicans did to language".

      by lunachickie on Tue Mar 04, 2014 at 11:44:00 AM PST

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