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View Diary: Ukraine crisis: What does the Budapest Memorandum obligate the U.S. to do? (85 comments)

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  •  If Russia had the military assets (5+ / 0-)

    on and near U.S. borders in the breadth and depth that does the U.S./NATO on their border... and if they then proceeded to dabble in the politics of Chihuahua State and British Columbia... things would be different.

    Different in that it the U.S. would consider itself in a state of war with Russia.

    NATO is a bloated appendix that's outlived its usefulness, certainly its usefulness for the U.S. The Europeans have the resources - even the nuclear weapons - to defend themselves in any exigency. They are also have the diplomatic skills - perhaps more so than the U.S. given the quality of such diplomats as Ms Nuland - to deal with issues of immediate interest to them.

    In order to rationalize NATO's continued existence we must reinvent the Cold War. Do we really want to do that? Is it in our national interest?

    It always seems impossible until its done. -Nelson Mandela

    by chuckvw on Tue Mar 04, 2014 at 09:04:04 AM PST

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    •  'National interests' (2+ / 0-)
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      chuckvw, marina

      is such an outdated concept both domestically and geopolitically. The sovereignty of nation states is just another impediment to global hegemony by the oligarchical collectivist's who are multinational and look upon the world's people and resources as theirs to loot, kill and own. Just wait till the TPP is a done deal. NATO and the IMF the World Bank and all these globalizing psycho assholes who want to rule the world do not give a rats ass about national sovereignty including the US's.

      They are doing God's work and like every other Empirical scourge though out history they proclaim their inevitability and know no limits until humans say enough. Empire these days is not about nations but about freaking banksters, looting multinationals and extortionists rule the world and the US's goon squad spooks and military are their enforcers.        

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