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View Diary: The GOP's unregulated business-climate nirvana, in China (54 comments)

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    wintergreen8694, DarkestHour

    If you really believed in letting the market dictate, you should be in favor of making the price of goods properly reflect all the costs of their production.

    Those who whine about taxes being theft have no problem with Job Creators stealing from the rest of us, via not cleaning up after themselves, and having their labor costs subsidized by welfare, etc.

    The truly sick thing is how cynically they just lie:  Duke's ash heaps aren't really the source of the pollutants in the river, climate change is a hoax from the pits of hell, etc.

    Here's a law I want to see:  All climate change deniers have to put the deeds to their homes in escrow.  When climate change makes great swaths of the Earth increasingly unlivable, we get their houses.

    •  That's a lot of Floridians and islanders for a (0+ / 0-)

      small number of homes, though all the bedrooms can accommodate a number of families.  And the ones built in Florida won't be available for the people who might need a new place.

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