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  •  Where can I see your work on a consistent basis? (0+ / 0-)

    A cartoon on note must hit many chords and levels.  I have not really looked at cartoons in 50 years or more; sometimes, they are strangely nourishing to keep up the strength to yet rise again on monday morn to bring freedom and justice to this world.  God, being an American is like being Syphisis of the Greek legend:   forever rolling the huge stone way up the mountain, only to find that it rolls down to the bottom to require yet another untimely haul up the mountain.  But time here is infinite, can you imagine believing in a God which would mete out punishment like that.  And yet we Americans never say hey cut the shit and resolve this issue.  Ukraine comes to mind, here's Russia acting like it is the Czar in power still and they can some how nulify the 21st century.  Let's batter and scapegoat the Russian LBGT community so Mother Russia is asswaged.  And the Russian Orthodox Church finds a way to make Christ look far, far away from you and your people.

    Yes, your cartoon illicited my response and that is great to me.  

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