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    let me suggest what I wrote here:

    Also, while the segregationist impulse is deplorable, who eventually occupies houses and uses the utilities is not written in stone. If/when true democracy comes to those lands, people will most likely do as do most Americans and change their residence on average every two years.

    It's the prospect of segregated enclaves that's likely giving many people pause. The boundaries of the nation state have not proved attractive in the long term anywhere. When some people are shut out, then other people are per force shut in, prisoners within their own walls. And, while a certain small percentage of the human population obviously likes being caged, as evidenced by our gated communities, most humans, being mobile, prefer to perambulate, migrate and wander to their heart's delight. Just look at Europe where the artificial boundaries are being dissolved as we speak.

    Automobility is a core human characteristic and yet it sets up a fundamental conflict because the cognitive faculty we call memory leads us to prefer our environment, including other people, to remain fixed in place and easy to find as we ourselves wander around.
    Electronic communications actually make it possible for people to move freely while they are "attached" to their home base via the cell phone. Who knew the phone would be the key to individual liberty?

    by hannah on Wed Mar 05, 2014 at 02:53:42 AM PST

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