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View Diary: Support for marriage equality just keeps growing, no matter what foes believe (52 comments)

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  •  Saint Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland (2+ / 0-)

    The mayor of Boston want too drive gays out of the Saint  Patrick Day Parade,if the city issue the parade permit ,it should have a non bias clause    as part of the permit being issued to a group

    •  That's actually usually the forefront of 1st (0+ / 0-)

      Amendment Issues. If someone has a permitting authority. Is it a time/place/manner restriction or Content based.

      Regardless of the existence of Gay marriage or support (it could be Pro-Russia invading the Ukraine).

      You would get Strict Scrutiny IIRC. That's surprising, nothing really passes strict scrutiny a billion 1st amendment cases are based on Content restrictions because someone has subjective issues.

      I mean even in the ACLU v. Skokie Illinois (extremely Jewish Commmunity that didn't want Nazis marching in their town reminding them of when they were in Germany (actually to his Credit if you call it that, to his principals as an individual/attorney the ACLU was representing the party denied a permit (the Nazi party) with a Jewish attorney) which is so extreme, I believe the Village of Skokie was going to lose because they didn't like the message (and I do not blame them, but I respect the ACLU for really not picking and choosing, what wing-nuts never get).

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