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View Diary: Wimpy Darrell Issa can't stand the heat, so he gets out of the kitchen (298 comments)

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  •  I admire (2+ / 0-)
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    JerryNA, HCKAD

    Elijah Cummings for his willingness to confront Issa.  His scrappiness sets him apart from the rest of his party.  Despite holding the moral high ground, many Democrats are unwilling to engage Republicans.  They evidence no will to fight, nor have they done so since Reagan was elected.  In they're failure to challenge Republicans, to attack them with the devastating weapons of logic and truth, to visit ridicule and humiliation upon them for their selfish lack of concern for all but the wealthy, for their blatant disregard for democracy, for their deceit and treachery, Democrats have revealed themselves as pusillanimous and largely ineffective.

    •  You are spot on with your statement that Democrats (1+ / 0-)
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      have no will to challenge the right wing, IMO, the most astonishing being that Democrats have had and still have the ability to absolutely shut down the Benghazi inquisition for good with one documentable fact:  

      It was John McCain who KNEW, first hand, that there was a security danger surrounding Ambassador Stevens and he kept silent until after the massacre.  He had the eye-witness, on-site knowledge that could have spared those lives lost at Benghazi with just a timely phone call.  

      McCain made a "fact-finding" trip to Libya and toured the Benghazi compound with Amb. Stevens in July 2012, just a couple of months before the massacre.  

      Only after the massacre did McCain speak up about what he saw, making the rounds of the Sunday talk shows and expounding on how alarmed he'd been about the lax security and then blaming HRC for not "KNOWING."

      Not one of the show hosts asked him whether he had called Secretary Clinton or the President, which he had the clout to do, while he was still on the ground in Libya or right after he returned to Washington.  

      We are all charged with "See something, Say something," and McCain's obligation to do this should outweigh that of every other US citizen, as he was elected to serve and has the military background to know what he saw and to know what he SHOULD have done about it.  

      The perfidity McCain demonstrated in first announcing that he had seen the danger first hand and then in the same appearance, blaming HRC for not knowing, when he didn't bother to inform her, is breathtaking.  

      Equally breathtaking is the cowardice of Democrats and the press in confronting him for keeping silent when he knew what was certainly about to happen.  It was his silence that condemned those innocent men to their horrible deaths.

      Why will no one who could bring this fact to public awareness step forward and speak out?  It could completely shut down that sickening meme from the sociopaths on the right.  

      •  Your post is nothing less than an indictment (0+ / 0-)

        against McCain's much vaunted patriotism.  I must admit to knowing nothing about McCain's knowledge of Benghazi, and I read the NYT regularly.  Where have the media been on this story?  

        Thanks for the enlightening information.

        •  The best way to learn about what McCain's role in (0+ / 0-)

          allowing the security problems to go unaddressed would be to pull up each one of the Sunday morning political talk shows from the weekend right after Benghazi.  To the best of my memory, McCain made the rounds and on each one went to pains to describe how alarmed he'd been at the dangers he'd seen when he was there in July 2012, just a couple of months before the massacre.

          By the end of the last talk show, I was throwing things at my TV and cursing at the hosts for their cowardice and/or stupidity in not asking the most obvious follow-up question for McCain's claims of concerns to which he apparently alerted to no one, and most particularly not to his "friend" HRC, whom he ridiculously castigated in the way he, himself, should have been for keeping to himself the life-saving knowledge he could have passed along to HRC or the President or the press, if the first two refused to address the security problems in Benghazi, something which I would stake my life would not have been the case.  

          I haven't checked to see if those shows on which McCain appeared are still accessible, but if they are, I'm guessing they'll make you as outraged as they made me.  

          As to where the media has been... I've emailed pretty much every MSNBC show host, called most of the Democratic Senators and Congressmens' Washington offices and a few of the republicans to boot.  Crickets.  Just crickets.  

          I have no idea why they've ignored this, other than they're scared shitless of the little tyrant and don't want to risk his refusing to appear on one of their shows as payback.  

          Thanks for replying and sharing your thoughts...  I'd love to read your thoughts if you do watch any/all of those talk shows.  

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