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View Diary: Actually, that poll showed Hillary's top negative was 'nothing' (121 comments)

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  •  Rightwingers follow patterns (10+ / 0-)

    And Democrats need to recognize those patterns and exploit them.

    Republicans tend to harp on their opponents' strengths, and try to turn them into weaknesses.

    If the public had an opportunity to look at John Kerry's military record as it compared to GWB's, in an honest way, it would have cratered GWB's attempt to win the presidency.

    So the rightwing's Karl Rove and others conspired to created a false story about John Kerry in Viet Nam.

    And that's why they're going after Hillary here - she actually did quite well with what she had responsibility for.

    General Petraus has acknowledged this recently. If the rightwing is so invested in trying to tear her down over this topic, what I see is that they think it's a strength for her, if approached properly.

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