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View Diary: The Ukrainian candidate: Putin wins CPAC poll (137 comments)

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  •  A profound act of treason (5+ / 0-)

    I find it hard to believe the mainstream media can simply ignore the profound act of treason taking place in the Republican Party over the past week.

    I realize the word "treason" is incendiary and I do not use it lightly.

    But here we are in the middle of a geo-political crisis over the invasion of a sovereign nation by a proto-Soviet asswipe like Putin, and we find one of our major political parties cheering him on and reviling our own President for... what exactly?  Not launching a nuclear war?

    How the FUCK is this not treason?  

    To cheer for a foreign nation against your own president?  And for that nation to be Russia only adds to the irony of right wing treason.

    Then again, they're the party happy to sell arms to Iran.  To coddle Quadafi. To make deals with the Taliban.  To train Bin Ladin.

    Seriously, fuck John McCain and every other one of the republican warmongers who have enabled counties and dictators in Iran, Libya, and even Putin for decades and then turn around and shit on our President.

    Fuck them.

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