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View Diary: Dear Mr. Putin: Crimea can have a referendum on independence right after Chechnya gets one (189 comments)

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  •  I actually have a lot of qualms (3+ / 0-)

    ... about the "power transfer."  I wish the agreement had been signed and implemented.  I don't think Yanukovych needed to flee the country and I feel that it was an attempt to poison the well of any eventual transfer.  I do think a unity interim government is the best bet until early elections can be held.

    None of these facts change the legality or propriety of a referendum as currently envisioned by the Crimean parliament.  Again, I actually support a referendum process if it could be achieved in a clean manner, ideally after the new non-transitional national government is established.

    •  The Kiev government has to better control the (3+ / 0-)

      ultra-nationalists. The attempted veto of the language bill was ill-timed and is the source of much of the current strife. But, I think it is a significant sign of things to come in the Ukraine.

      The people are not going to like the IMF reforms just as they didn't under Yanukovych. That is why he didn't continue with the reforms and lost the IMF funding. Yats has already agreed to implement them.

      Economic disparity creates social unrest which allows radicals to gain power. It's a fact of world history. Things can get much worse in the Ukraine in the next year or so, especially with so many nationalists in the government. I can't see them being removed without a big fight played out on the streets.

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