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View Diary: Paul Ryan: Poor kids should go hungry so they know they're loved (401 comments)

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    Maybe the only way Ryan can think about helping others is for them to be labeled and identified as poor, for everyone to see.  The fact is that most school lunch programs don't publicly identify who is getting free/reduced/full price lunch.  You pay into an account for your child.  The child just gives their account number at the "checkout".  It wasn't always this way, but it allows for a more discrete transaction, and allows some dignity.  The child may not even know.

    Perhaps Ryan would prefer that sirens and spotlights were triggered whenever an urchin were to receive a reduced or free lunch.  Is that the way they do it at the soup kitchen where he helped out?  Oh, yeah, he missed the part where hungry people were actually there!

    What happened to compassionate conservatism?  It seems to me that a lot of folks wants poor people to look and act poor and pitiful.  Or better yet - stay out of sight and out of mind.

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