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View Diary: Paul Ryan: Poor kids should go hungry so they know they're loved (401 comments)

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  •  Did he seriously say that? (1+ / 0-)
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    I wonder if he actually THINKS before he speaks.

    •  He did say that (0+ / 0-)

      He may or may not "think" before he speaks but he and his ilk really feel that if a child's parents have no money, then that child should go hungry and somehow, in Ryan and others' reptilian brain, that child will be successful in later life because he/she does not want to be hungry. What those fools, like Ryan, fail to realize is that children cannot learn or concentrate if they are hungry.  I wish that Ryan et al could go hungry for a few weeks, although, their thought processes are so distorted that it could not make them any worse. Humans can be very cruel and callous, and Ryan and his ilk are proof of that. Humans can, also, be loving, and compassionate, as shown by Pepper1, the teacher who brought in food for her/his hungry students.

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