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View Diary: Paul Ryan: Poor kids should go hungry so they know they're loved (401 comments)

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    Truly no offense to the child meant but how much you wanna bet he thinks a McD bag shows more love than a home cooked spaghetti or stir fry dinner?  I'd love him to pick out what he sees in these brown bags of love, I'm betting there's more Twinkies, Cheetos & M&Ms than Tofu , Carrots, & Bananas.

    Sorry if 12 ppl already said this, I didn't get through all the comments yet, but I gotta say ...

    What an f'in  hypocrite!  This is what always kills me about Paul Ryan.  Did he think he & his Mom should starve after his Dad died?  I mean seriously.  How do u get money from the gov't every month for years, have it support your Mom, & then say stuff like this without spontaneously combusting?

    Is his Mom still living off Daddy's shortened work history?

    I hate to sound crass, I just cannot stand the utter hypocrisy of this BS.  If he got stomach cancer or hit by a truck tomorrow & his savings went to the bills & he couldn't work, should his damn kids starve so they know how loved they are?

    You know he'd put them in the 'deserving' category & that's where I want to barf.  The idea that some kids deserve to eat & others don't !

    Gotta stop ranting, it's my head that wants to explode thinking about this!

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