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View Diary: Paul Ryan: Poor kids should go hungry so they know they're loved (401 comments)

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  •  Ryan should go hungry for awhile (0+ / 0-)

    First off, all those in the audience who cheered at the mention of Scott Walker's name are complete brainless moron zombie tools. Secondly, Ryan's story about the kid and the lunch is complete bullshit. Thirdly, Ryan says the Left wouldn't understand. By the "Left" does he mean about 95% of the U.S. population because that's about how many people who would not want to see a child go hungry.

    If I ever happen to be in the same restaurant as Paul Ryan, I am going to walk up to his table, introduce my self and then remind him that if it weren't for public assistance during his childhood he probably would have gone hungry. I will tell him he should have pulled himself up by his own boot straps and then proceed to dump all of his food on the floor much in the same way that school cafeteria supervisor did when she threw the food of those kids who were behind on their lunch money payments into the garbage.

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