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View Diary: The GOP's problem with non-white voters, in one awesome picture (213 comments)

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  •  Is your IQ higher than a rock? (3+ / 0-)

    Any minority or working American who supports or votes for a Republican needs their head examined because their IQ has to be less than a rock. The Republicans talk inclusion into their party however it is idle talk when it comes to minorities or the middle or working class in America. The Republicans are against everything that minorities, working Americans and the middle class workers stand for which is equal opportunity for all.
    The Republicans have no ideas, no concept of what a working American faces each and every day. They can only relate to the fortunate 1%. I could write a book as to why minorities, working and middle class Americans should never vote for a Republican but I will not do it here. Just read what these fanatics have done since they took over the House of Representatives and he Governorships in the States. They have created and invented issues that were never an issue and they have voted 50 times to deny health care for all Americans. They have waged a war against women and they are trying to make it difficult for minorities and young people to vote. This is a Constitutional right that the republicans are trying to repeal. How can anyone with an IQ higher than a rock support these bigots? I will await your answer.

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