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View Diary: Louisiana Threatens To Sue MoveOn Over Billboard (257 comments)

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  •  In Michigan We Have the "Pure Michigan" Campaign (6+ / 0-)

    I don't know if they air all over the country, but there have been TV, radio, and print "Pure Michigan" ads run in many markets.  The campaign is extremely popular here, and allegedly has had a significant impact on Michigan's tourism industry.

    Then, Republican Dickholes made us a "Right to Work" state and started running "Right to Work: It's Pure Michigan" ads trying to get sweatshops to open here or whatever.  That pissed a lot of people off, but there was nothing anybody could do about it, because Republicans completely control the state government here and it's a state campaign.

    So basically, the GOP has no objection to shallow political exploitation of a tourism campaign when they're the ones doing it.

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