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View Diary: On Raising My Children To Be Free -- Free To Leave The U.S.A. (275 comments)

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  •  You are not addressing my statement (0+ / 0-)

    that your main gripe with this country seems a tad late, since we now have the ACA, which is a huge step in the right direction.  Many are now able to get quality care at very low cost, often nothing.  I could see your point if we had been making many steps backwards on health care, but that is not the case.  Still more to do, but we have made a lot of progress, so your gripe seems a bit on the late side.  Your overall point would make a lot more sense before the ACA came along.

    Also, people ARE paying for their health care in those other countries via increased income taxes.  I am all for it, but this is not "free" health care, but paid for by the people.  My sister works in Munich for a major US publishing house, and all said she pays about 44% in taxes, much of which goes towards the "cradle to grave" coverage many Europeans enjoy.  Her income is by no means high, it is a middle class income.   Since the American people on the whole aren't quite on board paying a much larger share of their earned income as federal income taxes (to achieve a comprehensive cradle to grave safety net) it isn't as much political as you claim, but instead really up to the people to decide.  Right now not too many are willing to pay the tax rates people in Europe are paying to achieve the type of social net they have.  So, we have to try to piecemeal it somewhat to get at least close to it.     Going from a 25% tax for someone with a middle class income to the 37% to 43% rates a middle class worker has to pay in those countries is too much of a leap at this point.  Most are willing to pay a little more if they feel good about what is going to be achieved, but not a huge chunk of their checks (they have mortgages, car payments, kids in college, after all.)

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