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View Diary: Keystone Isn't Any Normal Pipeline (154 comments)

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  •  That's Not Actually What The Report Said FWIW (6+ / 0-)
    I'm certain that someone with a conflict of interest was behind the conclusion that tar sands oil has a negligible impact on climate change.
    The report bases its findings on the premise that whether we build the pipeline or not, the oil will get extracted and the oil will get burned.  Therefore, the only impact they were measuring was the impact of the pipeline project.

    That premise--IMO--is likely to be true, but not at all certain.  I subscribe to the "every last drop" theory of consumable fuels.  I have been around humanity long enough that I feel confident we will extract and burn everything that is extractable and burnable provided it's the least expensive option.  Those of us who give a shit about the health of the planet's efforts are most valuable encouraging whatever technology we can that slows the burn rate and makes environmentally sound alternatives cheaper.

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