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  •  I do have a theory (2+ / 0-)
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    SlightKC, RiveroftheWest

    based on nothing but speculation that high power voltage lines are one of the things that cause some people to think they see ghosts or feel a presence (excluding out all of the folks who have other, internal issues, which admittedly is a large percentage).

    I wonder if the magnetic field associated with high voltage lines causes folks to believe they feel a presence or even see something that really isn't there.

    I'm thinking of that magnetic "brain cap" experiment done by someone where they could induce a feeling of presence and even visual hallucinations by the application of a strong magnetic field to the brain.

    Probably a dumb theory though.

    •  I find that intriguing... (0+ / 0-)

      especially the last experiment you mentioned.  Do you have any links I could check into?  If not, it's okay... I can always "duck, duck, go" and search for myself.  Just would make it easier and quicker for jump links, too...

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