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    the fears of parents who want only the best for their children. Having someone stick a needle in your baby's thigh and inject something you don't fully understand is scary.

    I had my children vaccinated, but finding good information on the vaccines was difficult and the way the doctors handled my fears was abysmal. We don't become blithering idiots when we become parents, but we are often, too frequently, treated that way, patted on the head and told that anyone but us knows what's best for our children, when what we're asking for is education.

    The shots in the cocktail of vaccs has grown (even more now for older kids), and it's difficult to keep up.

    I understand the frustration over ill-informed views and the decline in science literacy, but I believe its more effective to educate than to demean. Even here at the DK where we're free to rant--but all part of the same community.

    Same goes for fears over all the other issues noted in this thread.

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