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View Diary: Radio host Michael Medved: No state has ever banned gay marriage. 'That is a liberal lie.' (205 comments)

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    Well Michael Medved accomplished his goal.  He said something that got everyone including this and a gillion other political news sites talking about "him".

    Yes boys and girls, the silly pundit said something that would raise the 'Red' flag and get the news gaggle to start squawking about what he said, whether it was important or not.  What he said is "NOT IMPORTANT".  He said something contrary to known facts...  That is NOT NEWS.  It's BAIT.  He baited the news hounds who are hungry for any tid-bit that inflames the specific public it is intended for to squawk about 'him".

    Anyone who thrives on PR knows that if he or she says something that will cause the news gaggle to squawk about him or her - be whatever it was he or she said - good or bad - that's good PR.  He or she is in the limelight - again!

    So basically it boils down to this - Michael Medved said something really stupid - planned or not - that was directed at a particular section of society - that was unfactual, but inflamatory.  Inflamatory is the key word - he started a 'news brush fire'.  The news gaggle fire department jumped on their keyboards to sound the alert and let everyone know.  Who benefits - Michael Medved benefits that's who.  Because lots of people who may have never heard of him now have and this non-NEWS just generated a possible new following for him.

    So he wins, simple as that.

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