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View Diary: 65% of Americans want Keystone XL pipeline even though 47% think it could harm the environment (177 comments)

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  •  Why does 65% of the public presently support (0+ / 0-)

    the KXL pipeline?

    Because anti-KXL advocates thought that running a issue branding campaign was the thing to do, rather than addressing the EIS process and the presidential permit decisionmaking as a matter of energy, air quality, water pollution and land conservation/environmental protection stewardship.

    Substantial portions of anti-KXL camp have been engaging in a campaign to communicate characterizations of the KXL issue which are not, in fact, true.  This was the whole idea to sell the matter of the KXL pipeline as being a United States export pipeline when the primary purpose of the pipeline is to provide for 830,000 barrles per day of tar sand heavy sour crude foreign import to the United States.  

    This was an attempt at using product branding techniques to try to tar the KXL pipeline in the public's eyes.  Doing so meant that those anti-KXL advocates were being indifferent to the fundamental purpose of the pipeline to supply heavy sour crude from tar sands to gulf coast refineries for processing.

    Engaging in issue/product branding campaigns as communication rather than prosecuting anti-KXL advocacy as an act of conservation and environmental protection stewardship is part of the fundamental pathology of the modern United States environmental movement.    

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