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View Diary: Joe Wilson on Sentencing of Judith Miller (203 comments)

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  •  I really think we have something... (4.00)
    ...more complicated going on.  I'm of the belief, not through the contacts that SusanG or ePluribus Media has...just my feeling about what I've read, that we are dealing with Ms. Miller, the perp.  I think that's why Rove, et al are so free to let everyone testify.  It is MS. MILLER'S choice not to testify because she would be testifying against herself.  She told Rove.

    Now...the ultimate would be that Rove and other WH staffers have blown the whistle on her and turned the tables.  So what we are all thinking is a case of the journalists being asked to divulge info about the WH, we might have a case of the WH blowing the whistle on journalists.

    It wouldn't surprise me at all.

    However, kudos to my friend, Ms. G and I applaud Ambassador Wilson for his choice in journalists to release his side statement.  She is a professional.  Note the lack of commentary.  Just reporting the facts.  The dkos community and ePMedia should be proud to have her as a memberas am to have her as a colleague.

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