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View Diary: Groundswell of asian american opposition to affimative action (48 comments)

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    this is a rather graphic demonstration of the limits of identity politics. The Democrats would like to gather everybody who is not a white social conservative or libertarian into their fold. There has been an attempt to assert the right to political ownership of the votes of women and minority groups. The reality is that these various groups do not have uniform and identical interests and concerns.

    The Democratic centrists generally to sidestep economic issues and pretend that everybody is really middle class. The reality is that blacks and Latinos as groups continue to be decidedly economically disadvantaged. Affirmative action programs are the only thing that has ever been devised that is an effective means of closing that gap.

    The great irony of prop 209 was that is was an attempt to preserve white privilege. While it definitely worked to the disadvantage of blacks and Latinos, it backfired on the whites by giving the Asians an advantage. This is a situation where the Democratic party can't have its cake and eat it too.

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      Richard Lyon, ban nock

      This is a replay of Jewish history--until the mid 1950s, Jews were victims of quota systems at elite colleges.  This turned around when other minorities became more threatening to the establishment.  A nation is one people, speaking one language, with a common heritage.  The great experiment of the US--a nation of immigrants (and natives), has been a failure.  We are bigots--excluding them, protecting us.  I'm not sure this can ever be resolved--but I am sure, it will be neglected by politicians and by the media.

      Actions speak louder than petitions.

      by melvynny on Sat Mar 08, 2014 at 09:28:59 AM PST

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