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View Diary: Groundswell of asian american opposition to affimative action (48 comments)

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  •  self-interest is the most powerful motivator (2+ / 0-)

    You are right- asians are purely looking out for their own interests here.  This is why broad-based coalitions are so fraught with pitfalls. In an ideal world, every group would be working towards the common interest, but if one group perceives that it is being shortchanged or taken advantage of in the coalition- then the instinct for self interest will carry the day.
    Asian americans have been voting strongly democratic in the last few elections. So I don't think it is right to say that they are only motivated by selfishness. But as I said- you cannot convince somebody to support something that is detrimental to their own children's future, no matter how much you invoke the common-good argument.

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