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    I would add that people are played by the job creators that have captured our economy and our society. Communities across the land are being devastated and people are told that this global screw is inevitable and somehow the only future the only way forward. Why? Ordinary people are so desperate that they allow fracking and pipelines and the multinational too bigs to destroy both the planet and the societies we all have to live and work in.

    Seems kind of insane and illogical to believe that  global disaster capitalism and the shocks it administers to both humans and our home is inevitable and irreversible. What good does this miserable excuse for a economy do to anyone but the psycho's who mean us and the planet  harm all for Mammon and the empty profit of savvy businessmen and vulture capitalists. Don't know how but people need to start creating community outside Axelrod's and co. so called inevitable 'world as we find it'. Bain/Koch Bros vs. Goldman Sachs/Chase is not the world as we find it. It's the world these psycho's are working hard to achieve and it's unsustainable and unlivable.          

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