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    Where does it state someone has to wake up at 0900 UTC? Wake up when it is morning in your area, the time on the clock does not matter. Australia doesn't change the names of the months so winter comes in December there. Winter is in July in Australia. So Morning can be at 1300 UTC in NYC.

    So, a person who traditionally would get up at 8 am in their city, would being their day at UTC as follows:

    UTC to EDT -  morning in NYC is 1200 UTC, midday is 1600 UTC, bedtime is 0300 UTC.

    UTC to CDT - morning in Chicago is 1300 UTC, midday is 1700 UTC, bedtime is 0400 UTC.

    UTC to MDT in Denver is 1400 UTC, midday is 1800 UTC, bedtime is 0500 UTC.

    UTC to PDT in LA is 1500 UTC, midday is 1900 UTC, bedtime is 0600 UTC.

    It does jack-diddly-squat to circadian rhythms and no one is getting up in the dark any more than they are now. Get up when the sun is up in your locale. Get rid of the cultural link that breakfast is 9 'am'. and dinner is at 6 'pm'.

    Shift the time things start, not the clock. For example, if schools do not want children going to school in the dark in the winter. Move the school start time later, don't redefine what the clock is.

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