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  •  Umm (none)
    The diary didn't ask whether he wanted it or lived in an eligible state.  The diary asked whether we would support Joe Wilson for Senate.  My point is that there is no reason to ask that third question until the first two have been answered.
    •  Why not? (none)
      I don't see why question C has to be dependent on A and B. Lots of "draft Joe Candidate for X" efforts get started by asking "would you support Joe if he ran for X?" Sometimes a potentially candidate might not be interested in running for office, until he sees the kind of support he has. For this reason, a diary like this is still productive, even with out questions A and B.

      Come see the house that Tom Delay built.

      by Goldfish on Fri Jul 08, 2005 at 01:40:10 AM PDT

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