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View Diary: How I Dodged the Draft: A Vietnam Story (142 comments)

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  •  Quit bragging about a physical assault!! (5+ / 0-)

    They should have taken you out in handcuffs!

    I want to be clear about this: you physically assaulted someone in the most rude and revolting manner, someone who'd never hurt you or never really done anything harmful to you at all. By your own account, he had been civil and friendly to you.
    And you unexpectedly, without warning, physically assaulted him in a truly obnoxious, revolting manner. And now you want to brag about it, justfying it with on dead Vietnamese children.
    Still on the same page with that? Is that an accurate description of your assault and later braggadocio? I think it is.

    But what zips you up from just revolting and obnoxious---someone who'd brag about this--- to truly craven is pretending to justify this really obnoxious behavior by justifying it on dead Vietnamese children, as if to pretend that this helped them or anything else at all.
    Please don't lecture me  on how bad the Vietnam War was or about the might of the military, I was in it, the war and the military, and you only watched it on TV and read books about it.
    And as a Vietnam War Protestor, people like you give us a bad name.

    What's truly mind boggling to me is your bragging about this revolting behavior like it was some noble deed. (And I see you're getting recced for it too,  not surprised but disappointed) That's incredible to me----this is something I would be ashamed of doing and if anybody in my family, many of those who participated in demonstrations I would be ashamed of them too.
    Just some poor little government shlmiel who'd done nothing to you and you spat in his face and excused your behavior by what happened to Vietnamese people.
    This is something that  I would only relate it I followed it by, "and then I said to Hitler and Himmler....."

    So did you spit on soldiers, too? Thats easy to believe, someone who would spit on some little shrink would spit on a soldier. Or maybe he wouldn't have the balls to.
    So, were you brave enough to spit on a soldier too? Or was spitting on the psychiatrist your big move?

    thanks for this diary in that sense. really!! I always knew there were people who would spit on people and then pat themselves on the back and  justify that by their feelings about the war. REALLY!! There were people like that!!

    I'm outta here, this is really bad

    Happy just to be alive

    by exlrrp on Mon Mar 10, 2014 at 08:57:29 AM PDT

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