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  •  I'm sorry (0+ / 0-)

    I really am. But I just can't disagree with your comment more.

    I disagree that it changed anything, except to deter people from trying to rally in the streets because it so clearly didn't do anything last time.

    It didn't send people back into the fold. Fold of what? You think that all those poeople, or even a majority of them, or even a plurality of them, decided to join the DNC?

    Show me some evidence that anyone involved in OWS who wasn't already a Democratic volunteer became one after the winter of 2011.

    I was there too. And I was also in Oakland, and Denver, and a couple more cities too. I never once met one person who wasn't already a devoted Democrat who became one after OWS. Far to the contrary my friend. Almost every single OWS protester I ever met, was disgusted with the Democrats, Obama, Larry Summer and Tim Geithner.

    I don't know if you guys were in some bubble, or are trying to rewrite history here. But my personal, on the ground experience, differs greatly from yours I guess.

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