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View Diary: 4 fundamental rights that are hard to come by if you're poor (5 comments)

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  •  "While public defenders may have the best of (0+ / 0-)

    intentions, the system makes it nearly impossible for them to inadequately represent indigent clients"

    I have to take issue with this.  PDs undoubtedly work in very tough environments under impossible constraints, but many of them are very good at what they do and extremely effective in court.  I knew people in law school with impeccable credentials who went on to be PDs.  The PDs I know and work with are often substantially more skilled and prepared then your average private criminal defense attorney.  That's not to say that our indigent defense system doesn't need help (it does), but I think you're shortchanging the PDS.  

    •  It's not meant to be a criticism of public (0+ / 0-)

      defenders. If you read the article I link to, it's clear that many of them feel overwhelmed and that they can't give all their clients adequate attention. Without the resources to spend on expert testimony, etc., and trying to balance thousand of clients, even the best lawyers aren't going to be able to represent everyone to their best ability. It's not to say they're not talented, but that the system makes it impossible for them to do their jobs as well as they should in these high stakes situations.

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