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  •  It's the only way to separate the dissenting wheat (4+ / 0-)

    from the divide and conquer chaff, because another flip of an old adage  is the one about hanging separately and hanging together: That hanging out exclusively with harmonious voices is intellectual malnutrition and a slow extinction event in terms of cultural and political influence.

    Just because our conservative brethren are further along this course doesn't mean the danger is exclusively theirs... they've just been burned by it first and worst.

    The other flip of the coin is what happens if some Republicans see the error of their cloistering ways and remedy them just as Democrats are sliding down the slippery slope of compliance enforcement?

    Not saying that's imminent... but the major parties do have a tendency to take notes about the competition and borrow what seems to work and the blue team leadership has been on a bit of a strong party discipline kick for a few years. And that's produced some good results...because it once upon a time worked nicely for the Republicans.

    It's just that such strategies (warning: incoming pun) tea up other problems down the line.

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