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  •  Actually, free school lunches are a current (25+ / 0-)

    matter of controversy which, like the Medicare advantage program, can't be directly addressed because the Administration proposal aims to make the program more efficient and less segregationist and THAT'S a problem that can't be admitted.
    You see, under the auspices of Michelle Obama, the school lunch program hasn't just been revamped to make miles more nutritious and reliant on local produce. There's also been a pilot program under way which proposes to provide free lunches, not on the basis of individual family needs (as determined by them filling out detailed applications with their financial information), but rather on the basis of data developed by the Census bureau, providing that when a census or school district serves a population that meets the financial criteria, ALL children in the schools will get free lunches, regardless of individual or family need. In other words, the stigma associated with getting a free or reduced cost lunch will be removed and school administrators will be freed of the obligation of certifying that applicants are really in need.
    The whole thing will be more egalitarian and children won't be stigmatized. That's a good thing. Right? But, it doesn't satisfy people who WANT people to be ranked. Can they admit that? No. No more than they could admit that they wanted the "advantage" of Medicare Advantage, even if they got kicked out, when they were really sick. For some people, status is all.

    by hannah on Tue Mar 11, 2014 at 12:06:04 PM PDT

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