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View Diary: Tenet, Anyone? 9/28/03 WAPO Source Rovelation! (must-read!) (101 comments)

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  •  where did you show that (none)
    it was Tenet that talked to the Post? That is something you stated would be done by this diary.
    •  Process of elimination (none)
      Tenet leaked enough to give the story legs but not reveal the full scope of the State Dept investigation of the Plame leak, which he had been given.  That's how he knew the 6 reporters and 2 leakers but did not want to say their names because he himnself was going before the Grand Jury.  

      Mary Matalin is not the source.  She left the WH in late '03 but was re-hired for the '04 campaign.  Tenet was fired in '04.  Richard Clarke would not have seen the State Dept investigation so would not have known the 6 reporter fact.  This means the former CIA Director is dropping bombshells in the Grand Jury against Bush, and that's why Bush and Cheney are lawyered up and Tenet at left the same time!  

      He is the main person who had the information AND clearly had the motive.  Plus he, like Linda Tripp, was a member of the previous Democratic Administration.

      Simple deduction, my dear Crawford.  Only a handful of senior officials had that info and only Tenet had looked at the State Dept investigation, which had uncovered a lot of the basic facts, so Tenet knew what Fitzgerald knew in the beginning.  Since Matalin was rehired it was not her.  It might have been Pavitt but more likely Tenet.  

      Process of elimination.  Who else had the info and the motive?

      •  investigation by the state department (none)
        Which one is that? The CIA did its own investigation and referred it to the DOJ to conduct a criminal investigation.
        •  Yes but first State did its own internal (none)
          investigation and reported it to Powell, who then reported it to the CIA.  Powell had to sign a document that triggered the CIA/FBI look.

          Jow Wilson asked for the investigation because he could as a working State Dept higher-up.

          •  can't find this state department investigation (none)
            Can't find any record of such investigation by the State Department of the Plame leak. The CIA filed a report to the DOJ about 2 weeks after the Novak article requesting a criminal investigation of the leak.

            The dKsopedia timeline is empty about this early Powell intervention that you cite. Can you provide a link?

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