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  •  I have a question about how Search works. (none)
    Whether this is the appropriate diary or not???. . .but then, you're doing such a good job of 'splaining, maybe you can 'splain this.  I was reading a diary and noticed that a particular poster was handing out a lot of 1s and 2s, so I checked on previous ratings that this poster had given, and all he has given according to the search on his name and then ratings given, was 4s, including rating of comments in the diary I had just seen him give 1s and 2s for.  I have noticed discrepancies such as this before.  Any idea what gives?  
    •  Puzzling. (4.00)
      You've encountered situations where the rating button in the diary says 'ek rated this a 2' and my ratings page says it's a 4.

      That's a bug.  If you have links, I'd e-mail an fp- could be part of the upgrade.

      If this is behavior related...

      Umm... fits of madness are not encouraged, but they are tolerated... to a certain extent.

      If, for instance, you were hitting the refresh button and lurking at the top of the 'Most Recent' list, and then posted your own Mojar on MY Diary with a distracting, off-topic comment you extended by replying to your own post- I must admit I'd be tempted to shower you with my ones.

      I'd get over it though, probably just call you out.

      When you follow a poster from thread to thread, search his comments, nuke 'em all... Umm... that's stalking in my book.

      People should remember that they have a permanent record here at Hogwarts.

      •  I don't think I was stalking, really, I wasn't. . (none)
        But the ratings in one particular diary were uniformly 4s with one poster giving 1s and 2s for what seemed no reason, so I thought I'd check out his ratings and then found that acc. to his rating listings, he was giving 4s on that diary??  I think you're right; probably a bug.  
        •  My apology. (none)
          I by no means meant to imply.  I was reacting more to the thread than to you, and I think my main point is that almost everybody makes mistakes- especially me.  'Tis a tricky thing to sit in judgement, and yet the free and vigorous exercise of the self-policing mechanisms of dKos elevate it above any other forum.

          I think the solution is simple- more visible diaries = less competition = less tension.  That and some of the other things I listed above.

          •  Absolutely no apology necessary. (4.00)
            I was just trying to clarify what my intent had been and realize, as do you, that sometimes words are misinterpreted and wanted to make sure that mine were not.  I appreciate your help.    
        •  I'm confused (none)
          Again, I dug into your ratings, and saw no comments--on the first or second page--that said there were hidden, or that had a rating much below a 3 overall.  I saw a total of 49 comment ratings, dating back to May 25.

          It could be a feature/bug that other users (like me) can't see you ratings on comments that eventually get hidden, or maybe ratings on archived comments, but that seems silly to me.  On the other hand, I didn't write the code . . .

          If you don't mind, could you link to the thread you describe above?  I'm interested to see this phenomenon.

          blog | These people looked deep within my soul and assigned me a number based on the order in which I joined. -- Homer Simpson

          by folkbum on Thu Jul 07, 2005 at 03:34:30 AM PDT

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          •  Aha! (none)
            I woke up this morning with an Aha! moment and think I might have figured it out!  (Folkbum, by the by, you must not have gotten much sleep last night, and thanks for sticking this out with me!)

            Last night, I gave several 4s to you and to ek hornbeck.  I'm pretty sure that these were the ones that were showing up on my ratings as [Hidden Comments], which tecnically, I suppose, would have been accurate as there was only one rating and thus it was below zero.  I also checked on some ratings that you and ek hornbeck gave me, which showed up on my screen for your ratings as [Hidden Comments], again I surmise because there was only one rating.  What clinched it for me was that this morning, after you added your 4s, some of these [Hidden Comments] were no longer Hidden but were now "official" as there were two ratings.

            I hope my explanation is clear???

            My questions now are these:  Is this just a glitch on my screen or is it something that happens for all non-TU users.  From your comments, Folkbum, I'm realizing that you don't see the same thing I do, and as you're a TU, that must be the difference.  Now, if this is the way it's supposed to work, all well and good, but it's kind of confusing and not very clear. . . at least I was confused and wonder whether others are??

            Thanks again.  Much appreciated.    

            •  You are seeing... (none)
              Exactly what I and every other Regular User see.

              Those who know tell me that the only other things you see as a TU are-

              • Hidden Comments and their Replies- mostly good for recipe collecting.

              • The Handles of the TUs who have Zero Rated (action, not possession) Comments.  This 'super' power is good for picking fights and holding grudges.

              Oh, and you get that 0 choice in the 'Ratings' drop down which you're only supposed to use for good.

              But no single TU can hide a comment, you only have the one Zero.  The exact formula is a closely held secret, I have seen Comments rated as low as 1.33 with 3 Zeros survive.

              As an RU, how can you tell a Comment is hidden?  If it's yours and you're actively defending it, you'll start to see the Zeros pile up.  You won't know who, of course, but it might be time to clarify any positions that could, ahem, be misunderstood.  At some point you'll either refresh the diary or attempt to post another defense of the indefensible and when you get back to the spot your comment should be- it's gone.

              This usually causes people to sputter incoherently about the injustice of it all and maybe, if I'm lucky, write a nice juicy Goodbye Cruel Kos diary.

              For the RU these (sputtering, GBCK) are the two telltale signs that something gossip worthy is happening to a Comment that is not your own.

              If, like me, you are a lazy or slow poster, you may never notice anything at all.  The Comment is gone from my "Comment List'.  The Replies are gone from my 'Hotlist'.  Unless I happen to remember- 'Hey, what became of my modest proposal to eat Irish babies?' and go back and check I'll never know.  Even then I might convince myself it was all just a bad dream.

              And if I continually post Zero Rated Comments I will be demoted to- A REGULAR USER!  Oh wait, I already am.

              My point is that you shouldn't be afraid to speak up, even if your opinion is controversial.

              I am NOT saying a reasonable amount of paranoia is a BAD thing.  Your entire posting history is available to anyone, including you.  All your Diaries, Comments, and Ratings.  I think remembering this fact encourages politeness.

              •  Goodness gracious, EK, I surely must have missed (none)
                your modest proposal. . .but the children of the poor people of Ireland are such a burden, are they not?    

                Thanks for hanging in with me through this tortuous process as I figured out what was going on regarding My Ratings and also thanks for providing humerous perspective.    

                Can you bear yet another question: What is the rationale for TU status anyhow?  In a community such as Daily Kos, keeping secrets somehow seems to contradict democratic/Democratic principles of equality. . . and promotes paranoia!!??


              •  One of the best diaries I ever read here . . . (none)
                . . . was a GBCW diary that had something over 900 comments by the time I quit reading it. It was absolutely hilarious. I learned some new "What do you call . . ." jokes from that one.

                "We must love one another or die." - W. H. Auden

                by marathon on Thu Jul 07, 2005 at 11:38:40 PM PDT

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