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  •  Winter's Tale (7+ / 0-)

    is going very well.  It had been a long time.  I have been writing down a couple of the funny parts for my friends.

    For example:

    On the Marsh: (pg. 124)

    One woman had been so consumed with jealousy that she tried to shoot him as he was standing at the bar of an oyster house. A bullet lodged in mahogany, another killed a clam, and yet another drilled a hole in the blade of a slicing machine. Peter Lake turned to her, and asked, "What does this have to do with romance?

    pg. 131

    "The telegraph man knocked at the door. When they opened it, there he was, covered with snow and ice, a bush in winter. When he entered, he shielded his face against the light, which came at him throbbing like a drum, and he walked around as if he were a cinch bug, making little circles, stopping short stubbornly. They gave him a cup of daffodil punch, and as his icicles melted into it and the great big standy-up organ played 'Turkey in the Straw,' he said, 'Telegram."

    The descriptions of the city and the bridges and the chapter about Beverly and the stars...all wonderful.

    I had forgotten, though, that it takes a while to get into the story.  I see it visually as if I were watching a movie.

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