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View Diary: Paul Ryan says men in 'inner cities' aren't 'even thinking about working' (179 comments)

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    Well, from the "inner city" of Washington, D.C., there certainly aren't many people thinking about working. They're all doing their best to avoid doing the job they were elected to do.

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      Capitol Hill is it's own little world, complete with underground railroad system so the elites don't have to slum with the rest of us on a common sidewalk. People like Ryan either live in a wealthy suburb and contribute nothing to DC, or live in their offices and refuse to rent housing because they don't want to be "corrupted" by the city. Either way, they don't care about us residents of DC because we can't vote for any of them. Screw him.

      Now, I happen to live in the "real" DC -the one that does not suck from the federal government for its entire existence. We have all kinds of actual workers in my neighborhood - people who teach children, pick up garbage, repair stuff, clean up the offices of putzes like Ryan - all kinds of things.

      I realize that I am not the kind of "inner city" man that Ryan is referencing here - I have too high a risk of skin cancer. But I'll have to tell the African immigrant who just made my lunch salad that he's a lazy puke. I'll also have to tell the Hispanic men who replaced my roof, my water heater, the piping on my furnace and cleaned all the deteriorated tile out of my chimney (so the CO wouldn't back up into my house any more) that they are all lazy pukes.

      OTOH, this does bring up a funny item from the Washington Post (back when we read papers). In early 1993, the paper welcomed a young girl to the city - a girl whose father had never held a private sector job and who had lived in government housing her whole life: Chelsea Clinton.

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