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View Diary: Paul Ryan says men in 'inner cities' aren't 'even thinking about working' (179 comments)

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    Murray certainly claimed that genetic differences may be reflected in class outcomes. However, tracing back the supposed quote from Chas. Murray that Clawson blithely repeats, that, "a lot of poor people are born lazy," we come to an SPLC page that gives this at least minimal context enough to make it clear that Murray made no such statement.

    “Try to imagine a … presidential candidate saying in front of the cameras, ‘One reason that we still have poverty in the United States is that a lot of poor people are born lazy.’ You cannot imagine it because that kind of thing cannot be said. And yet this unimaginable statement merely implies that when we know the complete genetic story, it will turn out that the population below the poverty line in the United States has a configuration of the relevant genetic makeup that is significantly different from the configuration of the population above the poverty line. This is not unimaginable. It is almost certainly true.”

    Of course, the outrageous version is so much better at getting the mob ginned up...

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